Obama Owns It All Now, No Cover, No Place To Hide.

We are nine months into the reign of Obama Hussein the First…and the LAST if  Conservatives have anything to say about it. 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

His administration of this country to this point has been a pollyanna mixture of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with a lot more Hyde than Jekyll…and something much more sinister thrown in. It’s not something you can point your finger at and say “aha!” It’s more an undercurrent that can be sensed and not so much felt, but no less palpable. It’s that sense of unease that the mariner gets with a huge storm over the horizon, or the farmer searching the skyline for signs of trouble ahead. Military men get it too just before the stuff hits the fan…you know it’s out there, you know it’s coming.

Obama was swept into power not by any great mandate of the people, for all the HUGE media circus that accompanied him. He barely won with 55 percent of the vote…and that only because Conservatives and Independents had deserted the Republican banner by the tens of thousands. Tired of George Bush’s big spending, big government Republican leadership, which most Conservatives saw as betrayal, many just stayed home. The Republicans had blown it badly…they had strayed so far from their largely Conservative base that to many they were indistinguishable from the opposition.

A war-weary country was ready for a change and many moderates saw Obama’s candidacy as a historic moment and a chance to put away the specter of race for good. Historic it was…putting the race issue away it wasn’t.

Obama and his apologist cronies have done more to Balkanize this country than anything since the days of the carpetbaggers during reconstruction after the Civil War. His mandate is that he hasn’t one. His racing as fast as he can for the far left, and Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s ideologically-driven push to socialize this country before it’s citizens awake from their self-induced and Liberal media aided deep sleep, has come frighteningly close to success.

However it’s not all going their way. Fully, 41% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative. Another 29% identify as Independents. Only 21% identify themselves as somewhat Liberal, while only 9% of the population identify as very Liberal. You’d never know it from the constant yammering and bleating of the fringe media. So much less effective than it used to be. Despite passage of the health care bill in the house by a mere 5 votes, passage in the Senate is unlikely this year, and next year is shaping up to be a bloodbath come election time. You see…they counted on us falling back asleep again and it didn’t happen.
He never had the Conservatives and has lost the Independents and not a few of the liberals. Hey Barry! We’re awake…

Barry’s next move will be to prance off to Copenhagen attempting to destroy the rest of our economy.
Yes it’s all his now…the economy, the war, Iran and the Mullah’s bomb. His affinity for all things Muslim.
His denial of this country’s strong Judeo-Christian origins. Something he cannot and will not change despite any grandiose pandering pronouncement to a Muslim world which sees him only as a useful fool.
His contempt for our military obvious in his speech, in his demeanor, in his actions…and most of all in his inaction. His contempt for YOU, the American citizen and patriot.

If I were mystery writer I’d have all the plot elements for a shoot em’ up spy thriller here…only I’m not. It is. And it’s scary as hell. Keep your powder dry.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009