Islamo Bomb Much Closer.

Israelis had best sit up and pay attention to this one. As if they didn’t have enough pressure on them to deal with the Iranian issue, the IAEA has reported that Iran has been experimenting with advanced nuclear warhead development in the form of a ‘two-point’ implosion effect, far more advanced than the west had believed Iran capable of.

This begs the question where did they get the technology? It’s like taking three or four giant leaps forward, skipping go and approaching the finish line. Of course, this is making the assumption they never broke off their weapons program in 2003 as most of the world was suckered into believing.
The spooky part about the IAEA investigation is that this avenue of  experimentation allows much more rapid development of smaller, compact devices which can be easily adapted and fitted to missile warheads.

This brings to mind the smuggled video, showing an alleged clear acrylic mock-up of a Shahib missile with what seems to be a spherical warhead inside, looking very much like an implosion device. Implosion. The same method that we employed with our first bomb over Hiroshima. The method favored by both the United  States and  Britain. This has other interesting implications given the amount of leakage of classified information that has occurred with both countries.

Israel is the ONLY thing that stands in the way of an Iranian hegemony over the entire Arab world. Given the COWARDLY,  feckless Obama administration foreign policy and his inability to make obvious strategic decisions, Israel may be the hope of the Western World as well.
To this point Israel has been concerned with its own survival. They may end up being concerned with everyone else’s too.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009