Taxation Without Representation…California Assembly Is Next.

We are in the grip of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930’s…which by the way folks, was a largely Democratic creation. If that sounds familiar it’s because many of the same power grabs that contributed to it then are in motion now.
Here on the left coast, in once sunny California, even some of our 20 million ILLEGAL aliens have given up to move back home to Mexico and go to work for the great growth industry down there…drug cartels.
Meanwhile, in the second biggest Fantasyland in the nation, Sacramento, the Democratically dominated State Assembly, along with that ever acquiescent RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger, have taken the State with the tenth largest economy in the world and destroyed it as a viable economic entity. If you think I’m exaggerating, wrap your ponytail and Birkenstocks around this: Our Great Central San Joaquin Valley, virtually BY ITSELF, could feed the world…or could before the gutless California politicians allowed the environmentalists so much sway (for a price) that a Federal judge was able to take water away from California ranches and farms, for the sake of a lousy 2″ trash fish…the Delta Smelt. Supposedly because they were getting trapped in the pumping stations of the main irrigation canals, thereby depriving the salmon of this delectable hors d’oeuvre. Um…seems like salmon all over the world thrive without a single visit to our delta…fancy that.
There are dozens of examples of this abject environmental stupidity all affecting California business and investment, even education and infrastructure. Although I’ve researched most I can’t go into them…we’d be here all week. One thing you can be sure of, wherever the ENVIRONAZIS are in this state, there will be a politician nearby waiting to have his palm crossed with silver…our silver. I imagine it’s much the same in the other States as well. This, and the invariably higher taxes, both personal and business that go hand-in-hand with increasingly repressive regulation, have resulted in the MASS exodus of business and jobs from this State, once one of the most prosperous stand-alone economies in the world.
Now our ever-sleazy State Legislature, probably jealous of  Nancy (Bugeyes) Pelosi’s one-sided attempt to railroad the country into Marxist servitude and unable to con the voters of California into saying yes to a handful of doublespeak hidden tax bond measures, have resorted to complete and total NO FRILLS (meaning no voters, no election, no governor) TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Illegal and unconstitutional as hell…blatant spit-in-your-eye we’re-going-to-do-it-anyway taxation, in the form of a 10% additional withholding from pay checks. This in a state with 12.5 to 17% unemployment, depending on which set of depressing statistics you’d care to peruse. The aforementioned San Joaquin Valley has closer to 40% unemployed and invaluable farm land being destroyed by neglect and disuse.
Supposedly, this additional ‘loan’ will be deducted from State income taxes at the end of the tax year…where are those Madoff investments? We’ll make a killing. I know I can speak for a whole lot of people in this State when I say there’s not a damn thing anyone in that Statehouse does to represent me!
Even the Kool-Aid crowd has begun to figure out that gay sexual indoctrination of our helpless children is of a higher priority for these creeps than anything approaching responsible governance.
We’ve put Congress and the White House on notice. The spin machine is working overtime, but the truth is the Democrats back there are scared peeless. NOW it’s time to take the Conservative Revolution to the California Statehouse!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009