Never-Never Land…Obama’s Planned Statement To Israel On Nov. 4.

IF there is an Israeli or a Jew anywhere in the world that believes that Barry HUSSEIN has anything good in mind or heart for them, I have some Madoff investments I’d like to talk to them about.
Barack, ever lief to utilize the smarm factor, will use the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin on Nov. 4th 1995, to attempt to appeal to the left among the Israeli electorate.
In Barry’s warped world driving a wedge into Israel’s resolve is the next best step in his Islamic outreach program.
I have real trouble understanding the ‘Peacenik Brigade’ in Israel. Hell, I can barely understand it here in America…I’ve always considered it to be a mental defect of sorts, perhaps a brain lesion or something.
One thing I’ve taken note of over the years, is that this is the type of individual who invariably alternately whimpers about civil rights for animals, or global warming, or something that will control other peoples’ freedoms and lives and are usually only willing to sacrifice themselves to the last patriot. These folks will stand by while their betters defend them and then complain about it.
I grew up in an old country Italian household. I was the little blue-eyed blond ‘wop’ on the block.
There were some kids in the neighborhood that weren’t very nice and sort of hung in a pack.
Most of them were bigger than I was. They started by harassing me and then proceeded to beating me up when they could catch me…until one day I’d had enough…I knew how they walked home from school so I hurried to hide behind a hedge where I’d placed a 2×4. When they walked by I took out the last one, then proceeded to knock the biggest one flat and then took out after the others. A funny thing happened…they not only left me alone, they’d go out of their way to avoid me. There’s a parable in there somewhere.
The leftists in Israel, as I’ve stated, are a lot harder to figure out. They have evidence of the extreme hatred and violence of virulent anti-semitism all around them…they are under the threat of destruction on a daily basis, yet they will still bow to the seductive siren song of peace now, or even worse, peace for land or some other fanciful promise that would be a tough sell to most kids.
Israelis have got to ignore the ‘white noise’ of the Obamas, the UN and the ever deceptive left-leaning press and focus on one fact. Iran wants to destroy Israel at any cost…and they will if given the chance.
She must find her own 2×4 and prepare to use it soon.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009