Nancy With The Lying Eyes…1990 Pages CBO – 1.44 Trillion.

More words than the New Testament of the Bible…precisely 2.2 million dollars per word.
One thing is for certain, there was not one word that came out of the Speaker’s mouth at the CLOSED INVITATION ONLY unveiling  that was the truth.
Just as they did every thing else with this gargantuan power grab, behind closed doors and in the dark of night, this bill has been read by very few. Hillary Clinton’s failed attempt only had 1300 pages. What we do know of it stinks to high heaven.
The 1.44 trillion projected by the CBO will become FOURTEEN times that, using the Medicare experience and everything else the government does as a gauge.
The Senate Republicans have demanded that Harry Reid submit the bill to them for detailed scrutiny.
This bill, like everything else this Congress and Administration has done, is a sham and a failure. Just as the much vaunted stimulus has resulted in barely over 1000 jobs and the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program ended costing US taxpayers 24,000.00 dollars per vehicle, pulling 125,000 mostly desirable used cars away from  the market place, the sale of which would normally benefit lower income purchasers.
The claim is that it is budget neutral. That’s an out and out lie. It includes the public option, which Pelosi and Reid were forced by the extreme left of the party and allies to include, though it bodes ill for the passage of the bill. It also includes funding for abortions which the Republicans and 40 or more Democrats have said they will not vote for. This bill has coverage for ILLEGAL ALIENS.
The Bluedog Democrats have stated they want more information. This also does not bode well for the passage of this bill.
This is a HUGELY regressive power grab with thousands of SHALLS in it, each with its threat of punitive fines or imprisonment and back-breaking taxation, which is a huge gun pointed directly at the freedom of every United States citizen. It is for this precise reason that our forefathers chose to throw off the yoke of tyranny to become a free people.
Americans  are rightfully incensed.
The American people are about to speak in Virginia, New Jersey and New York.
It’s a harbinger of things to come. Nancy…Keep your historic moment!
We don’t want your European Socialist Healthcare!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009