Homeland Security…Ain’t!

Where to start? Our undefended  southern border with Mexico. We have 1969 miles of common border with our ‘neighbor’ to the south. You know the one I mean. The one governed by the drug cartels? The cartels whose private militias are at least as potent as the Mexican military? Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement has LESS than 700 miles of the border in what they term “under control”. This is a statement which is obviously open to interpretation…ask the Border Patrol officers on the ground how much control they have…but do it when their politically motivated supervisors are not around.
Ask the ranchers in rural areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas how much control there is over the depredation of the illegals to their land, their property and their livestock.
These ranchers have to go armed in defense of their lives and their families’ lives on their own property.
It’s not just Mexican and Central American illegals coming over either. Items left behind are evidence that middle eastern infiltration was and is occurring across that border. Excuse me for believing that these people don’t have our best interests in mind. Captured documents indicate that Al Qaeda infiltrators are told to learn Spanish to more easily blend in. Well-financed middle eastern illegals utilize coyote smugglers regularly. It’s also real hard to imagine that these fine folks just want to come here to practice their “Religion of Peace”.
I’d like to stick Obama with the southern border issue, even though he surely will do little or nothing to improve the situation down there, and in point of fact has ordered the removal of four hundred Border Patrol agents for reassignment elsewhere. But for sure it didn’t start with him.
The border has been a sieve for a very long time. The Clintons saw it as a cheap sure-vote getter.
George Bush gave it lip service behind the impetus of 9-11 at best. His fancies of appealing to the Hispanic voting block were foolish. Besides, mid western meat packing companies needed that cheap labor. This is a shameful connivance by both Democrats and Republicans, which by the way is another major reason the Conservative electorate in this country abandoned the Republicans this last cycle. Americans are sick to death of paying the freight for illegals. Our hospitals are overwhelmed by US GOVERNMENT MANDATED CARE FOR ILLEGALS. Emergency trauma centers, some of the finest medical facilities in the world, have been forced to close or sharply curtail their activities. Here in the border states in particular, our educational systems are inundated with the children of illegal aliens filling our classrooms and reducing the level of the curriculum in order to cater to the special needs of these illegals’ kids, thereby ruining the quality level of education for our own children. Our prisons have a population of illegals approaching 30%. Many incarcerated for very violent offenses. Our state is virtually bankrupt.
If this were not enough to make you reach for the migraine tabs consider this…Every one of our air and rail transportation hubs has been and is being cased on a virtually daily basis by middle eastern types who are free to roam pretty much as they please.
Once, when I had been hired by a company as a project manager, I had a couple of weeks to kill before my start date. I have a friend who owns a high end cab company and he was short a driver so I went to work for him for two weeks. My travels took me in and out of an international airport frequently.
One thing that came to my notice was the proliferation of little independent taxis driven by obviously middle eastern men. Ask me if I’m profiling? OH HELL YES! These guys were all over the place. Not working out of any dispatch center they operated off of cell phones…generally they were a surly bunch.
The liberals among you by now are wringing their hands and sniveling “but they’re just trying to work and be part of the American dream”. Ok and so were the three thousand souls that were murdered in the twin towers. If I was in Homeland Security I’d seriously consider the threat posed by hundreds of middle-easterners, accountable to no one, who knew these hubs intimately and are able to access many areas of them.
But then, I’m sure that all these folks are just hard working members of the “Religion of Peace”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009