The New Keystone Cops…The Reid-Pelosi Flea Circus.

In Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s hallucinatory world, their head long rush to have everything in Marxist heaven in its place…especially the American people, annoying creatures that we are, ISN’T WORKING.
Nancy and Harry ideologues, that they are by the nature of what they are, aren’t real deep thinkers. They had this one chance to push this country into Leninist Nirvana, behind wave after wave of Democrat-manufactured crises and engineered  panic, while surfing the historically mesmerizing Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. After the euphoria cleared many of the moon-eyed came back to earth and realized the whole game was rigged and Camelot was in fact a massive shell game. Then something changed…something happened along the way. A few conservative Republicans found their testicular fortitude and said, ‘hey wait, let’s  just slow down and read this thing’. Of course, they had just finished having a 700 billion dollar enema rammed up them by George Bush, who was putting aside his ‘conservative principles’ to save (Wall Street) “the economy” from a disaster which Ralph Nader for one had predicted eight years before…and I’m no fan of Nader.
In fairness to former President Bush, he too had tried repeatedly, along with other Republican leaders, to have Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac scrutinized and their freewheeling practices regulated. They were stonewalled in these attempts time after time by such fiscal stalwarts as  Chris Dodd, John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama, Spencer Bachus, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and the in-all-ways-deviant Barney Frank. When the predictable result occurred, which some may be led to believe was carefully planned and engineered for precisely this purpose, it became Bush’s issue.
Fast forward to Barack Hussein’s love fest Democrat wish-list budget pork feast and the debt had just been tripled.
The nation was staggering from the shock of the recession with job losses in the hundreds of thousands. A rate not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
Still…voices began to be heard…the PEOPLE…those insignificant gnats that are always such an annoyance to the Democratic elites and (shame on us) no too few Republicans began to stir…and stir and stir… The resultant Conservative revival began to drag even some of the weak-at-heart Republican ‘centrists’ and moderate Democrats with them when they began to hear the message loud and clear. We’ll see you at the ballot box…
What should have been a slam dunk agenda for Obama’s Demarxists has become a quagmire in which nothing gets done and even Democrats can’t agree.
Enter the Conservative Patriot Movement… Pelosi-Reed and associates are floundering, changing terms, coming up with fanciful interpretations of what is, or is not, in the UNHEALTHY FOR AMERICA bill. Changing the count and the amount as though it was a 1960’s television game show, which is where they probably belong.
But it’s too damn late…the proverbial kittycat is out of the bag. The grassroots movement of Conservative Republicans, Independents and Conservative Democrats is sweeping the national landscape. It has not slowed and in fact just keeps gaining momentum. Hey Nancy…Hey Harry…
You can run but you can’t hide!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009