Kerry Shafts The Military And The Country Again…Cowardice Or Treason??

John Kerry, the oh so pompous…who is seeking some legacy other than the betrayal of his comrades in arms in Viet Nam, has decided to extend his treasonous activities to brand new generations of our servicemen and women.
Kerry is despicable. Thank the Lord above that the honorable men of the Swift Boat Veterans had the courage of their convictions and stopped Kerry’s White House aspirations. As it turned out it only deferred us the disaster which is Barack Hussein Obama. Barry and Kerry deserve each other. They share the same yellow streak.
Obama’s inability to make a decision to send the resources to Afghanistan that the field commanders in charge have determined are required to accomplish the mission, despite the advice of the finest military minds in the country, is irresponsible and well… it’s cowardly. Every two bit tinhorn  bad guy in the world sees Obama for what he is…weak, ineffectual, indecisive and therefore not to be feared.
John Kerry has already proven his yellow creds…his shameless self promotion and the outright prevarication of his service record were and are an embarrassment to the entire officer corps of the US military. Except perhaps a Jack Murtha who gave his honor away long ago.
Kerry’s appearance before Congress as a member of the Viet Nam Veterans against the war was a LITANY of untruths created of whole cloth…and an insult to hundreds of thousands of men and women who served during the Viet Nam era faithfully upholding the oaths they swore.
Now John Kerry seeks to falsify another  LEGACY on the bodies of our honored dead. Every day that Obama stalls in his decision and every day that the BOMBASTIC Mr Kerry goes in front of the cameras to play out his seditious game at our military’s expense is a day there is American blood on his and  Obama’s hands.
Clearly there is gross malfeasance at work in the administration and in the halls of Congress. How long will we allow these truly evil people to play with the lives of those for who they are not fit to carry water?
The day of reckoning cannot come soon enough. The ballot box is our recourse…The nearest opportunity is 2010.
Let them hear us loudly and clearly.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009