Whitman…Not Another RINO for California?!

We as conservatives are bitterly disappointed in our Governator.
Arnold Schwarzenegger came into office to right the listing ship of state left by the discredited Governor Gray Davis, a liberal in the Jerry Brown mold of extreme leftist tax and spenders.
The California voters had finally had enough, the cry of “throw the bum out” resulting in the recall of the feckless Davis.
Guess that just goes to prove the old axiom, ‘Watch what you pray for’.
So we got Arnold. True to his campaign rhetoric Arnold took on the state assembly and promptly got smacked down, whereupon he ran to hide behind his wife’s apron…and the moral to that story is never vote for somebody in bed with the Kennedys.
Maria Shriver Kennedy Schwarzenegger promptly wiped Arnolds nose for him and installed a leftist staff around him to protect him from the baddies in the Statehouse.
She then proceeded to redirect the Governor to make nice with the ultra libs and spend, spend, spend, tax and regulate the State into bankruptcy.
Which brings us to 2009 and California’s economy is devastated…with companies and people leaving the state wholesale for states with no income tax or those with a friendly atmosphere for business. Large corporations which had once called the state home have pulled up stakes and moved off shore or anywhere but here.
The politicians in Sacramento are so deeply beholden to environmental interests that new business goes elsewhere to start, because the regulatory “fees” and fines make it impossible to reasonably profit here.
We have a FEDERAL judge who cuts off water to thousands of people in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley, the richest agricultural land in the world and our Governor and State politicians do nothing. All for the sake of a two inch trash fish. The Governor, had he not been castrated, should have gone to those flood gates and blasted them open himself and damn to the Feds, instead of cowering in Sacramento until shamed into coming out by Sean Hannity, who has more courage than our entire State Government combined, to make a weak statement. We have 12.5 % unemployment, running to as high as 40% in the Central Valley and all our politicians and Governor can do is dream about new sources of revenue from a battered electorate.
Arnold may have further political aspirations…he’s not worthy to run for dog catcher.
Enter the Republican aspirants for the governors race in 2010.
Enter MEG WHITMAN. This lady has a lot of money to throw around and that’s about it.
She never bothered to vote most of her adult life. Hasn’t a clue about governance. Doesn’t understand that in order to create the million or so jobs she is pledging, TAXES have to be cut and onerous REGULATORY BURDENS lifted from small business. The new governor is going to have to take on the environmental lobbies, the teachers and public service unions and win. To say nothing  of going bare knuckles in that putrid bog called our Statehouse and not backing down to every special interest group in Sacramento.
But most of all she lacks the most basic requirement for the job…judgment.
When I heard she was running I wasn’t particularly impressed, but I was willing to reserve my opinion…until I saw her gushing endorsement of rabid communist agitator Van Jones in a videotaped interview…In this interview she stated she had met him once.
The fact that she was willing to endorse somebody like Jones, without knowing anything about him or bothering to check, tells me worlds about why she is not fit for the Governorship of this state or any high office.
Stay tuned.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009