Republican Leadership Isn’t…Stand Up Or Stand Down!

It’s driven me CRAZY for years…these clowns talk such a great game seeking our votes and then they go back to WASHVILLE…which was once a swamp…I’ll let you fill in the blanks.
Maybe the British were trying to do us a favor when they burnt it down in 1814.
It must be that moist, dank, swampy air that causes brain lesions in politicians as soon as they check into the Beltway.
The Republican brand in particular is suffering from severe disillusionment, stemming from years of rank and file abuse by the party “leadership” which isn’t.
You’d think the boneheads would get the message that’s been coming from the people ever since George Bush started taking America down the wrong fiscal path. Centrism and reaching across the ‘aisle’ has proven to be worse than a red herring time after time. Accommodation with the Democrats is like dropping into a den of rattlesnakes and blithely saying,  ‘ Why howdy neighbor” – and then being genuinely surprised at getting bit. If the base wanted you to make deals we would have said so.
But then, you guys develop extremely severe hearing loss, along with your tunnel vision which comes with your SWAMP FEVER. And you wonder why you shed voters and support like needles on a month old Christmas tree. (Notice the non-use of the term holiday tree?). If this party is to re-emerge as the right-of-center party, capable of saving America from the voracious maw of Marxist tyranny threatening to overwhelm the Constitution and the rule of law as laid out in that Constitution and in our Bill of Rights, then it had best stand on its feet and proclaim to America and the world that, “WE STAND FOR AMERICA…this shall not be!” Say it loud. Say it clearly, without the usual mealy mouthed equivocation a la Lindsey Graham and the pathetic turncoats like him. Stand up and stand for something, or die for nothing. Stand up and America will follow.
You can’t have it both ways.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009