Israel’s Clock Is Ticking…So Is The Mullahs’…The Buck Stops Right There.

If the United States had the sense that G-d gave a goose, we’d not only just stay out of Israel’s way when the fateful day comes, which it surely will when hundreds of Israeli F-15’s take to the sky on a do or die mission to end Iran’s nuclear weapons aspirations once and for all, we’d saddle up and join em’.
This mission is every bit as complicated as can be imagined, with as many as two dozen suspected Iranian nuclear sites of various types. As we used to say in the old west, “It’ll be one hell of a shootin’ match”.
Not only that but I suspect that on certain of these facilities special forces ground units may be involved…I don’t pretend to be versed on Israeli tactics…I don’t suspect many people are other than the Israelis.
As I’ve stated before, they always seem to have that extra something that no one was expecting.
The IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces) began contingency planning for combined strike force attacks back in March of 2005, which even at that early date included elements of the IDF Kingfisher forces or Shaldag. Sort of like US Force Recon Marines or Army Rangers on rocket skates. By all accounts some pretty mean dudes. These guys have been in combat continuously for seven decades.
The urgency to do something about  the abiding threat from the Mad Mullahs has doubled down several times since then, as has the complexity of the impending operation.
Poor little Israel is like the main feature in a Denver sandwich or one of the characters out of the Land of the Giants. Israel has to contend with possible reactions from Syria,  Iran’s surrogate Hamas in Lebanon and the ever present, but nonetheless deadly, Palestinians much closer to home. That’s aside from the expected counter strike from Iran’s missile forces which probably cannot  be completely destroyed. Iran and her Maniac Mullahs can be counted on to thrash madly about threatening the Strait of Hormuz as well. In saner times the United States could have been counted on to counter this threat out of self-preservation alone if nothing else…but under a President Obama, with a yellow streak up his back the size of Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road, all bets are off.
No one who has had to share a fighting hole with someone wants anything to do with somebody who can’t pull the trigger…and that fits our Barry to a ‘ T ‘.
There is an October surprise in the offing according to Russian Intelligence…a massive coordinated strike by the US Military against some 20 Iranian nuclear facilities, Iranian military command and control, anti-aircraft defenses, the Iranian Navy, and possibly part of Iran’s political leadership as well. The attack, according to the Russians, will be called Operation Halloween…something faintly poetic about that.
This would sure as heck take the pressure off of the Israelis IF TRUE. It would not stop them however…they’d just go in and make darn sure no one used those sites again for a very long time.
Thoroughness is another hallmark of the Israeli Military.
In any case I don’t think I’d want to be betting against them…they have a historic way of turning the odds in their favor.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009