The Baucii Caucii met in the dark of night to rob America of its freedom of choice, impose fines, and threaten imprisonment on those who do not agree with them and enslave us, our children and their children’s children, to a system that is more akin to Stalinist Russia than the America of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison or Monroe. Neither is it the America that preserved  democracy for the world, or the America of my youth, or the America that I was privileged to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Our BIRTHRIGHT as American citizens is being stolen by an elitist political autocracy whose every move, since the coronation of the Anointed One and his gaggle of Marxist incompetents, has been unconstitutional or just damned wrong – if not illegal. It has nothing in it of the American way and everything of some totalitarian third world state, a la Bluto Chavez. The fringe stream media has been trumpeting the passing of the Senate version of the the health-care plan  (which it is not), saying it will SAVE the US government, and those IRRELEVANT taxpayers, billions of dollars…WHICH IT WON’T… It’s all smoke and mirrors folks…Where it isn’t smoke and mirrors it’s outright lies.
The media has also trumpeted the passage of the bill out of committee as a triumph of bi-partisanship… really?!! Olympia Snowe?? The Rino in name and deed…..that Olympia Snowe.
Folks, we need to let her know that regardless of where we live we will actively campaign against her and support her opponents. The same applies to that other giant of conservatism, Susan Collins. Put them on notice…let them know we are watching and we WILL act.
This Senate version of the Unhealthy for America bill will attempt to be melded to the House version…one pile of stinking dog doo to another stinking pile. It’s doubtful that this thing will ever live to see the light of day…sort of like the babies that will be murdered in the ABORTION FUNDING which isn’t in the bill.
These pathetic clowns have to do this in the dark of night in secret. Because if Americans find out what is actually in this travesty nothing, absolutely nothing, will protect them from the righteous anger of the American people, because one of the rights given by God and the Constitution of the United States of America is to throw the government the hell out of there!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2009