Shame is gone, former SC gov running for congress.

From the Weekly Standard:

“Mark Sanford, the former governor of South Carolina, will run for the House of Representatives, sources close to Sanford confirm. He will try to win election to the seat formerly held by Tim Scott.”

You may better remember the former governor better as:

“In 2009, halfway through his second term as governor, reports surfaced that Sanford was missing, with staff referring to Sanford’s claim that he was hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. He later admitted he had traveled to Argentina, where he was conducting an extramarital affair with a local woman. Sanford finished out his term, though his political career appeared over.”

Should’ve been over, but like Gingrich, Foley and may others; if enough time goes by you get absolution.

Think he can’t be bought by party leadership ?

Face facts, the GOP as a responsible party is gone and economic devastation of the US maybe the only thing to bring it back and it is coming. We are whistling past the economic graveyard in 2013, in 2014 the economic boogeyman cometh.