Explaining public and private business in 6 easy steps.

 We have all heard President Obama tell the country that you essentially accomplished nothing on your own(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j8XhQfvpW8) and everything you did or the US has done has been with the help of government and it has made many furious.

 So, I came up with the simplest example I could to explain how government produces something and how private business produces something so that you have some way to explain to anyone believing that the US government should be given any accountability in the US’s success.
 How private business works. For an example, say you want to open a sandwich shop:
1. You reach into your wallet and grab money to buy or rent the location.
2. You reach into your wallet to buy equipment and food to make sandwiches and sell them.
3. You pay taxes, licenses and fees to the government to operate and keep your shop open.
How government works, using the same sandwich shop:
4. You want a stop sign at the corner of your shop. You reach into your wallet and grab $100 to pay the government for the sign and $100 for the government employee to put it up.
5. Your shop is on fire. You need to reach into your wallet and grab $1,000 and have 5 other people reach into their wallets and grab $1,000 to pay for the fire trucks to come and put the fire out.
6. You want to open another sandwich shop in a new part of town. You reach into your wallet and grab another $1,000 and have hundreds of othe people reach into their wallets and grab $1,000 to build the roads, stoplights and city services like water and electrical lines.
The moral of the story is, it doesnt matter if it’s a stop sign or a fire station making your neighborhood safer or sending a space shuttle to outer space. In every case of government,