Cain's campaign is over ! He takes on Newt, 1 on1; Saturday.


Cain has agreed to a one on one debate with newt saturday for 90 minutes, carrid by c-span. Cain is going to be done for with the soundbytes that come from that.

Now, I like Cain personally, but he doesnt have the background on how DC works, hasn’t thought thru the US’s domestic and international issues or knows what will work best.

If he’s the nominee, obama is going to dispatch him in the first debate just by obama reading his daily reports in the morning.

Newt is the best guy to know how to really reform DC and know how to handle US allies and enemies. it’s going to be great to see him show that Cain’s appeal may be a mile wide, but his analysis is about an inch deep.

I will be looking so forward to Newt showing why he’s the man for the job and Cain is really better suited to be a governor, not president of the United States.

How about a live blog Red State ?

I can smoke cigars, watch Cain get schooled and type at the same time.