Help pump up YouCut


 I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned here, but i hadn’t seen it make the main page and it’s time to do that.

YouCut is the republican whip’s new idea to get people involved in proposing House spending cuts. Each week, the whip site will offer several spending cuts and the vote winner will be brought to the House floor the following week for a vote.

Now, I know that every one of them can be shot down by the democrat majority and the GOP does have control over what they put on the site to vote on, but this is a great idea to be trumpeted for at least two reasons:

1. It allows the people to get behind and connect with the GOP better to ensure the GOP will grow in its return to fiscal restraints.

2. It makes the GOP grab a greater foothold into 21 century government. When a person can change bank balances on their phone, it’s about time the people started having an immediate voice on whether the USA drops millions on an earworm museum. If the GOP is going to crack that door open, we should be running through it and never let it be closed again like it has been over the past few years.

Please help spread the word.


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