So, is the Mickey Mouse train gold plated ?

As you probably know, the president was in tampa touting a high speed train that would go from tampa to Orlando.

 Now, I’m not going to go into where the money, 3.5 billion; would be better spent, spent at all, or if it will even be built.

I’m questioning just what all else obama and the federal government are doing with that 3.5 billion of yours and my money.

Either they have a lot of that money going other places that we will never know, or the mickey mouse train is the current shining example of just how inept the administration is and/or your government is at spending your money.

You see, the train is scheduled to cost 3.5 billion and will go 85 miles:


good price ? goodness, I hope not.

There’s currently another high speed train scheduled to be ready to go in june of this year that will go 250 miles and is on schedule to cost 300 million.


that’s right, the Russians are going 3 times the distance from Moscow to Nihzny Novgorod and less than one-tenth the price.

Now, most likely the Russians just modified an existing rail line to be able to handle high speed rail and I’m sure the US is starting from scratch; so their costs are probably much less; but you have to ask yourself just what is so wrong about the US govt that the Russians blow them away on a similar project with 3 times the amount of construction.

Feel free to ponder that those of you who remain convinced the US govt can drive down healthcare costs.