Remiander: You cannot trust a democrat.


 I know the chances of healthcare making it to the President’s desk anytime, or anytime soon are slim and none and slim is checking flight schedules, but you CANNOT TRUST A DEMOCRAT !

Nelson, Leiberman, Lincoln, etc. all rolled over.

If you have a free minute this week, you might take a break from doing the snoopy dance over Scott Brown, the supreme court campaign finance, “retirements” of democratic senators and congresspeople and record colds running over Al Gore’s southern home state of Tennesse and call or email any democrat and/or weeble-wabble republican and let them know the pressure is still on to right the economy and jobs and if they look at healthcare legislation anytime soon; they can be retired too !

I’m just saying you know the old saying is, “when you least expect it, expect it.” We should be on the driving end of that this week as Obama looks for anything to hang his hat on for the SOTU address.