Still want govtcare?Tell your women this first.

As you know, govt. care is coming; and it is more likely inevitable.


But before you accept it, gladly or not; be sure to tell your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, co-worker or any other woman their risk of breast cancer being fatal for them is going up:


 Yesterday, a federal panel decided that self-exams and some mammograms are no longer necessary for women in their forties and should only be administered every other year for those in their fifties and sixties. Despite being said to reduce cancer deaths by about 15% in women ages 39-59, the federal panel based their decision to change the guidelines because they concluded too much money was spent on “unnecessary tests.”




Now, be sure to tell the women this fact:


“Nine of 10 middle-aged American women (89 percent) have had a mammogram, compared to less than three-fourths of Canadians (72 percent).”




And these:


“The US survival rate for prostate cancer is 91.9% vs. 57.1% for europe and 83.9% vs. 73% for breast cancer.”

“85% of US women have had a pap test and  84% had a mammogram in the past 2 years  vs. 58% and 63% for the UK.”


Also tell them the fact that in the UK, govt  has already pushed the minimum age of mammograms up, even denying those that do not meet the minimum age flatly on age and pushing family history and other concerns aside.


Also, be sure to tell them that pap smears are also now being considered to only be needed every other year.


For those of you who wish to support every measure to keep your women as healthy as possible, you need to start calling your reps.


For those of you that do not, be sure to tell all the women that you know that you knew this and you did not oppose any of it and favored it. As they say, hath no fury like a woman scorned.