Boehner, this is how you fillibuster.


Boehner was supposedly rumored to be reading the entire 300 page cap and trade amendment that was passed at 3am friday.

If he would have done that, the bill probably still passes, but the House GOP has again gone over the top to draw attention to those in the House that are mortgaging the future for political payback in many cases.

Taken further, if Boehner could have had the entire House GOP hold the line on “No”, a complete read would have ignited the GOP throughout the country.

Taken even further, if the democratic leadership would have taken measures to halt it and Boehner and other GOP members kept passing on the reading until every house GOP member was kicked out of the house chamber; the people of America would think the house GOP is someone that was looking out for them again.

That skimming of parts that interested him will garner less news than Savage’s Barry Obama shows.

Please, o’please leader Boehner; do this when the universal health care bill comes around. As you said, the cap and trade bill was not about energy but was about freedom. The people are losing their freedoms fast, please use yours to make a significant statement if given the chance.

That is how you fillibuster and this is what I would have done.