D-Day vet says we dont aprreciate the effort+ I agree.

A D-Day vet was interviewed on Fox news today:


Says today’s group doesn’t appreciate the sacrafices the WW2 generation and vets made and the homefront then and today is totally different and I whole heartedly agree.

If you take time to think what those vets lived thru from D-Day, to Midway, to Iwo Jima; the toughest day you most likely will live through will amount to nothing by comparison.

I remember the line from Saving Private Ryan where Tom Hanks says, paraphrasing; this private Ryan better be worth the sacrafices we’re making to try and save his life, he better do something great for all we’re sacraficing for him.

Very many of us, the world all over; fall very short of what they have done.

The U.S. may forget what U.S. vets have done, i will not.

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