Dodd can Bite Me !



In my first edition of Bite Me Wednesday, I would like to address Senator Dodd; but first credit the source of Bite Me Wednesdays; One on one sport’s Papa Joe Chevalier. Papa Joe was a long time sports talk host for One on One and assigned every Wednesday as “Bite Me” Wednesday.


It allowed for Papa and us to vent on those doing ill or acting shamelessly in the sports world. It was very well received and gained so much popularity they even started selling “Bite Me” t-shirts.


While, no longer the sportsworld; I do believe you cannot trip over yourself today without feeling the need to give at least one public official a “Bite Me”, so I have resurrected it and invite any of you to vent on my designated bitee or add one of your own.


For today, I hand out the initial bite me to senator Dodd. For him to actually think that we, the people; are so dense to not smell some sort of fish when he says he doesn’t know who stripped out his proposal to restrict bonuses as Dodd himself receives large sums of contributions from the very same company that’s on the Senate chopping block is quite disgusting.


You Senator Dodd, must think that the people are barely more functional than the family dog to actually swallow your explanations. When someone changes our work at our office, we notice; but apparently it’s a lot more complicated within the hallowed halls of Congress. No, Senator; your dismissal of people’s intelligence is so far beyond pathetic than I have nothing else to say except that you can Bite Me !