Sorry, lefties; you just don’t measure up.

I know righties are war mongering, blood thirsty, imperialists; but they’re also one hell of a group to be in.


As eveidenced by the 30% more given to charity by conservatives, even though liberals make 6% more on average.


And further evidenced by the 10 reddest states of the 2004 election gave 3.5% to charity whilst the bluest of the blue gave 1.9%


Conservatives also donate more time and blood(of which I can speak personally as a 9 ½ gallon donor).


And, included in the article is that Gore donated 0.2% of his income in 2000. Kerry also gave much below the average conservative’s 3.5% and Obama was below that number until his first book increased his income severly. Obama and the misses were easily clearing his current definition of rich at 250,000 before the book but felt the need to keep that. It seems the rules are different now.


You know, actually; that’s not true. The officeholding left has always been hippocrites, they just get to make the rules now.


So, you know; maybe Obama is a good thing. Since lefties are keeping it for themselves, yet make 6% more on average; what you can’t pry from their wallets; Obama is just going to shake it out of them.