Dave Ramsey punks Obama.

This was so great, I replayed the audio file twice !

On the February 10th show, Dave starts the show by going off on Obama’s speech on February 9th for using fear to sell the stimulus and saying that only government can solve the economic crisis. It’s seems that Dave has a philosophy that a leader that uses fear to motivate action in people is not a very good leader and seemed pretty concerned of Obama’s use of fear as he believes fear is an effective tool to get people to give up their freedoms.

Now, you lefties will throw a wet blanket on that; but Paulson used exactly the same fear to get the Tarp done. It seems President Obama is pretty good at playing on fear also, I wonder just how many times he’ll play the fear card before the people do start thinking, this IS more of the same.

Dave also mentioned there is a new definition of bi-partisan meaning that you have to agree with me and do what I say. Now, we all know this. The GOP 3 make nothing bi-partisan. We’ll see how long CNN and MSNBC can cover this up.

Something that really got me was that Dave himself was scared because he thinks obama seems to believe that government is the only solution. I know that’s true and you know its true, and the inefficiencies of government is just going to make the recession longer than it has to be; but it still wasn’t something I expected Dave to say on his own national radio show inviting criticism from many people he would consider fans that did vote obama.

He also said obama looked like a little child throwing a hissy fit because he couldn’t get his way with the bill. Don’t we have two majority leaders that already do this ? Do we really need another branch of government taking it’s bill and going back home until everyone likes it.

Dave does believe obama has the ability to inspire but believes obama’s government is the only solution to fixing the economy philosophy will hinder real solutions.

My paraphrasing doesn’t do his monologue justice, but for a person that so many in America believe as a common sense and trustworthy person; he sure gave a healthy dose of what a President should not do and that he was a bit offended at how Obama has framed the need for a stimulus; and I am very proud of him for doing it.

Just one more example of how wrong obama has it. I don’t know if it’s still available, but you might be

able to listen to it free here: http://www.daveramsey.com – Tuesday, February, 10 show.