Taxes ! How much do you pay ? Find out.



Taxes ! We all hate them, but most of us live with them and never get stirred up as you usually only take .

one glance per year at what you pay, when you pay the IRS.

Why ? That’s not how you keep your resolve.

Let’s take the summer gas price hysteria. Every week you filled up your tank and got more mad every week until your fuming drove you to call, email and fax Congress and the President to the point that offshore drilling became an issue D.C. had to resolve.

Why not apply the same here ? You are surely paying more in taxes than your weekly gas bill is today. Maybe, just maybe; you’ll be active enough to help reduce your taxes and help everyone else do the same.

Ok, let’s try.

Go here:


http://www.paycheckcity.com/netpaycalc/netpaycalculator.aspOr here:


http://www.payroll-taxes.com/calculators.htmNow, if you get paid $50,0000 per year; you’re paying $213.22 per week, $852.88 per month and $11087.44 per year !

So, let’s put that in perspective. That equates to being able to pay for the mortgage on a house selling for $142,000(nothing down, at 6%).

If you make $50,000 and have no dependents; you are giving up the mortgage payment on a $142,000 house every month because the government needs to put in high speed rail from LA to Las Vegas even though Amtrak cancelled its train on the same route due to lack of ridership, protecting the salt marsh mouse and honeybee insurance.

And given the size of the stimulus bill, that’s most likely to go up !

I would encourage you to make either of the above links a bookmark and visit it every time you get paid and just maybe it’ll help us all to work to lower them again in the future.

Now, that would be a real stimulus.