The time to act is now(this year), not in 2012.


I know there are many here that agree, but don’t know why.

If you know history, economies run on cycles; and even the steal from us bill will only slow the US economy; it will not kill it.

You can be quite sure that obama will have a free pass in 2012 if the economy growing again and jobs are being created; and they will. And when the win in 2012, that’s an additional 4 years to convert to the US to socialism and silencing or limiting public dissent along the way to that goal.

So, while the economy is bad, all of Obama’s appointments stink and Obama is pulling levers to make it harder for the US(like re-installing the offshore drilling ban); you should be helping conservative candidates and help the people really get change. In 2010, congress can get more of the same or real change; and that road is being built now.

Give Obama 4 years, and he may block it off.