Who’s Who list of the Obama Administration.

Just a refresher, or summary; for those who arent seeing the forest of just how bad the administration has done through the trees of the day to day shortcomings.


  1. Hillary Clinton – need we say even one word. Ok, whitewater.
  2. Rahm Emanuel – To date, has not paid any property taxes. As far as we know, he’s not a homeless person. Where do the people get deals like that ?
  3. Tim Geithner – Managed to miss paying some of his taxes, even though he was specifically instructed of the why’s and how to’s. Again, where do the people get deals like that ?
  4. Tom Daschle – strike that. More tax issues.
  5. Bill Richardson – didn’t even make it out of the gate(and just think, he was running for president.) over a pay to play investigation.
  6. Nancy Killefer – strike that. More tax issues.
  7. William Lynn – lobbyist for military contractor Raytheon that that the number 2 position in the pentagon that somehow avoids Obama’s no lobbyist pledge.
  8. Hilda Solis – Husband tax problems, her labor organization problems.
  9. David Ogden – number 2 in the justice department filed against minors needing parental notice for abortion and litigated for playboy and penthouse.
  10. Eric Holder – signed-off on the pardons of 16 FALN terrorists and that of Marc Rich.



And let’s not forget who in D.C. has the nation’s purse strings:


  1. Charlie Rangel – chairing the powerful House Ways and Means Committee – failure to pay taxes on an offshore rental property, and his use of office letterhead to solicit donations for a public-policy school that would bear his name.
  2. Chris Dodd – chairman of the Senate Banking Commission- VIP treatment by Countrywide over 2 mortgages ? I have 2 with B of A, where’s my VIP treatment ?
  3. Harry Reid – Senate majority leader – On a 160 plot in Mohave County Ried paid $166, appraised value $2,144.
  4. Nancy Pelosi – House majority leader –  In 2007, Pelosi directed over $90,000 from her PAC to her husband’s real estate, the same year she supported a bill that would have banned indirect compensation from PACs to such things as payments to companies that employ spouses.


Now, I am not Obama(naïve) enough to think there aren’t plenty of ethics issues with republicans as well, but for 2 years; the democrats have been preaching change and ethics reform and have not lived it. Now, the same can be said for Obama.


My question is, if the party in power now that was elected for change and in a need to have the government act more in the people’s interest now by being a party of ethics and trust is having problems reflecting that at the very beginning; just how far do you think they will go to act in their interests and how much of your interests and the people’s interests are never addressed ?


I shudder to think how far down the rabbit hole the people’s needs fall while the party in power keeps moving on its on accord.