The president-elect of change now takes on the sun.

“Once I take office, you can be sure that the United States will once again engage vigorously in these negotiations and help lead the world toward a new era of global cooperation on climate change,” Obama said.


This would be nice if all efforts and money spent to date have in effect amounted exactly squat.

While the US has rolled merrily on the wheels of its big suvs and coal plants, the planets has in fact gotten colder.

“At the top of the world, the International Arctic Research Center reported last month, there was 29% more Arctic sea ice this year than last.”“Elsewhere, the Swiss lowlands last month received the most snow for any October since records began. Zurich got 20 centimeters, breaking the record of 14 centimeters set in 1939. Ocala, Fla., experienced its second-lowest October temperature since 1850.October temperatures fell to record lows in Oregon as well. On Oct. 10, Boise, Idaho, got the earliest snow in its history — 1.7 inches. That beat the old record by seven-tenths of an inch and one day on the calendar.”It is quite sad that all emissions from people and their industries and automobiles, contribute less CO2 to the atmosphere annually than oceans and cows do naturally.

The fact is the sun is the #1 determiner of global warming and cooling and every effort of man amounts to a pinprick in the warming, cooling and release of carbons into the atmosphere. For Obama, the Governator or anyone else to tell you differently is wrong. You should ask them to show you proof, they will not be able to. Global warming has been disproven and still being shoved down your throat like bad medicine and emptying your wallet.

“Due to a decline in solar activity and other factors, the Earth is cooling and has been since 1998. And a peer-reviewed study published in April by Nature predicts the world will continue cooling at least through 2015.”

So, what’s global warming solutions going to do to you. Not much:“The U.N. itself estimates that reducing global warming would require a permanent hit of at least 1.5% of world GDP — or roughly $1 trillion a year for decades to come.For the U.S., the hit might be even more severe. Under Kyoto’s strict requirements, according to forecasts from the U.S. Energy Department, the costs could reach as high as 4.1% of GDP — or about $570 billion a year. It would kill nearly 5 million jobs. “America has chosen change, and Obama; or “change” cannot change the sun and its affects on the planet; but a loss of 5 million US jobs is change for 5 million families. Let’s hope that “change” is something tose families can recover from, because it is coming.