My Big 3 solution, save the Big 3; let Michigan die.

I’m sure many here would prefer to see the US auto industry succeed, for pride, patriotism, security and jobs.

Many have also seen that many foreign car makers are building cars in the US, so it can be done.

I am also sure many Americans prefer American cars over foreign for many reasons and that will continue.

As many may or may not know, US autoworkers average over $73 per hour, while Toyota averages $49 per hour.

So, it is my opinion; that merely lowering US auto worker salaries; makes the Big 3 competitive and reduces the sticker price.

To do this, all the Big 3 need to do is to take the money we give them and start building plants in right to work states. Do this, and either the unions will concede and the Big 3 will recover or right to work states will boom, the Big 3 will recover and Michigan will learn a very tough lesson.

But, to try and hurt the entire auto industry by standing by wages that are not consistent with other companies in the industry is not a way to stay in business and GM and Ford stock prices are reflecting that.