57 states, Obama ? Are you referring to the 57 islamic states ?

As we all know, Obama slipped and said 57 states sometime ago and obviously meant 50.

Well, i am no conspiracy theorist; but it looks like the organization of islamic conference has 57 states represented:


I’m quite sure Obama did just slip, but it seems to me that it is not a stretch that he did not.

Why not, 49, 51, over 50, 60 ?

I am simply saying that despite the MSM, the right side of the internet knows his past has some questions and that is our job to keep an eye on him as his policies will now direct the future of this country.

I’d like to submit this “coincidence” as one more thing to be on the lookout for and watch his actions for or against Israel in the future and for that matter, our troops still in the field.