Ok Obama, let’s make an issue of the “virtue out of selfishness”

Now, in addition to Biden saying that paying taxes is “patriotic”, we have Obama saying , “You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”


Excuse me ! If this isn’t the biggest example of pot calling the kettle black in the past month, it’s in the top 5.

If you really believe that Obama still has your interests on his mind at all, that statement should take a sledgehammer to that idea.

From 5 years of 2002 to 2004, Obama gave less than 2 percent and in some cases less than 1 percent to charity on a salary that averaged over $200,000. This means that while making over $200,000 a year, he gave less than $3,500 in all years and in 2002, he gave $1,050.

Now, let’s put that in perspective. If you make $40,000 and give 10 percent yearly before taxes, you’re giving $4,000; and if this was you in 2002, you gave almost 4 times as much as Obama while making less than 1/6 what he did. And you are selfish ? Give me a break.


Oh, and just in case you thought Biden was there for everyman, The Bidens recorded over 300K in income last year and gave $995 and over the past decade gave an average of 0.2 percent. Yes, that’s point 2 percent.

Meanwhile, the Mccains donated 18% in 2006 while Obama donated 6.13%; still less than some churchgoers that go with the 10% rule of tithing.

My point here is simple. Obama is supposedly going to help us all, yet his checkbook doesn’t reflect the same principles. I am of the simple belief that if you want to know who a person is, all you have to do is go through his checkbook. Obama and Biden have proved they can talk the talk, but not walk the walk and you are going to give him the keys to the country ?

Me, selfish ? I think you better look in the mirror Senator Obama.