So, Obama looks inevitable ? Then welcome back Carter days.

Yes, I have seen the media full of glee, so I can only make the connection that Obama is riding up in the polls.

Ok, so Obama is elected; what next ?

I’ll take one thing. Energy.

Although Obama has seem to have been a proponent of offshore drilling recently, that does not mesh with statements in the primary nor any of his Senate actions.

So, considering I am definitely sure obama will walk back down those offshore statements once elected and push for alternates, even though an ex-CEO of Shell said that the US can’t get to alternatives fast enough to make a notable difference in US energy needs; oil is still the only answer for immediate US energy solutions.

This leads us here:Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia now makes relations with Latin America a top foreign policy priority. Moscow’s loans and weaponry won’t just go to Venezuela, but to Chavez’s anti-American allies in the Caribbean, too.Last week, Russia promised to modernize Nicaragua’s military, which wants helicopters and replacements for its aged SAM-7 missiles. Cuba, meanwhile, is getting a new space-based communication station and new aerial espionage capacities, Novosti reported.http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=307321520941172

Now, the gulf of Mexico is one of the few places the US produces for itself reliably; and Russia is looking to make that much more difficult.

I won’t even start with how much Putin and Obama will talk with each other while the Russian navy mucks up the gulf as it chooses, I want you to just consider how much Russia trying to muck things up – will do to reliable US oil supplies of its own, imports from other countries to the US and exports of the US to other countries.

If the US is putting in oilwells anywhere one will go, Russia’s attempts to muck up our energy supplies lessen greatly; and every country in the world works best with more energy options.

You also might consider that Obama is most likely cutting defense dollars while Mccain is on record of reforming defense contracts so US warships are better kept on budget and on their project plan.

This election is entirely about change. Which one will it be is your choice. Russia wanting to exert its influence in the gulf of Mexico is not a maybe; the US’s likely answer will be confirmed on November 4th. What’s your answer ?