Democrats, feel free to leave the country at any time.

I know Alec, Madonna, Susan Sarrandon and her boy toy have all threatened to leave the country. To them, and anyone else are more than welcome to leave.

I have been to Canada a few times and can tell you it looks just like America and even has all the niceties like free health care that you guys are so looking forward to.

Today, the market remains in turmoil; this will continue for quite some time as the democrat policies begun with CRA have not been halted.

On the contrary, policies have been and will continue to be implemented to enable this behavior further.

Yes, it will be harder for mortgages that follow the CRA model to get funded; but that is only because the lenders are tightening and will continue to tighten; not because they would not make loans to unproperly qualified applicants.

You should all know this will continue with obama. mccain has two ways out, stopping these policies as he tried and submitted legislation for before and with energy independence; obama is not going to get us to a growing economy for years with his policies.

I learned that more rules have changed today in this mess and that has taken away a route to retirement for many of us(hence the rant) and this is solely because of the CRA.

So, please; all you democrats are free to leave. You may take this country down into a socialist state that neither my parents nor grandparents would call America. You may make it harder for myself and others to retire comfortably; but you will hurt your futures greater than you ever will mine by continuing down the road you are following obama.

You should think greatly about what the future will be before you vote this year.