House Energy Plan-Care to help stop it?Its in your interest.

I know that many around here maybe still reeling from Ike, but I can think of no better deterrent from the effects of future storms than a greater number of energy resources and producers or refiners of those resources here in the US.

Well, yesterday, Congress passed the “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act” which does nothing but hinder the US’s goal of energy independence and security.

For example, the bill does this:“the bill permanently locks up the most oil and gas-rich areas of the OCS. For example, this would permanently ban about 97 percent of the undersea oil lying off the coast of California.”

This:“Section 102 fails to provide royalty revenue sharing for the states near new offshore development. States will not have any incentive to allow oil development if there is not revenue sharing from the actual production”

This:“Fails to open new, energy rich areas for exploration and development in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. These areas in the Gulf could start producing oil and gas very quickly because they are close to existing infrastructure.”

This:“Bans the export of Alaskan oil. [Sec. 166]”

And This:“Creates a new duty for the Secretary of the Interior, notwithstanding all current environmental laws, to make sure any activity “provides for the protection of the coastal environment.” [Sec. 104]”Which results in this:“Because this new language is not defined in the bill nor the U.S. Code, it is an invitation for environmental groups to sue so courts will determine what it means for the Secretary to “provide for the protection of the environment.” [Sec. 104] This will only slow new offshore development.”

Flaws in the New No-New Energy Plan

Disagree, if you wish; but reading through the link should only shine brighter that the potholes the US has to encounter by passing this bill are immensely greater to energy independence and/or lower gas prices.

If you do agree, here’s the US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 – to try and stop it in the senate and put up a real bill before this legislative year is out, or congress will have put it off until next year.

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