Gang of …, stikes again ! This time on oil.

Yes, “my friends”; in an effort to stop the “stalemate” on energy in the Senate, 5 GOPers have allowed themselves to be taken to the woddshed, along with you and I.

They are pushing an energy plan. On the surface, it looks good. It allows drilling offshore and gives some monetary help for renewables.

Unfortunately, looking under the hood, it really only allows drilling offshore on 4 states where it is passed by the state legislature.Also, of note; this offshore drilling cannot take places 50 miles from the coastline; where much of the US offshore oil is thought to reside.And, these sites can be protested(i.e. by ACLU, environmentalists or animal lovers) that would ensure a longer time to be able to actually drill.And the kicker, still no ANWR as a possibility; despite prudhoe bay rolling along down the Alaskan pipeline today.

I know it sounds like at least they are trying something, so it’s hard to be against this. My point to be against this, the people are solidly behind the GOP and some democrats to drill everywhere, right now. If this is passed, it gets combed over in route to a democratic majority where it will be held at bay for 2 more years and the ALCU and environmentalists will surely tie up anything tried for as long as possible.

My opinion is the best thing to now for the people and GOP is to say, do everything right now or take a hike. This issue will not be swept under the rug if the GOP doesn’t let them do it. The gang of 10 is allowing them to do just that.

I’d suggest calling your senator and saying no to this giveaway and yes to all energy solutions: http://www.senate.gov/general/contactinformation/senatorscfm.cfm

original reference:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121815293390922431.html?mod=todays_columnists