Thank You Senator McCain and Well Done

Everyone knows that Senator McCain treasures his maverick status. Because of that, I believe that there were only two names he ever seriously considered for Vice President, Senator Lieberman and Governor Palin. And I have to say that I assumed that, given two alternatives, he would always choose the alternative that annoys conservatives the most.

But he didn’t do that here. Instead, he’s energized us, and given us hope for the future of the party. Or at least I feel that way today. I apologize to Senator McCain for my assumption. It has proven unfounded.

Also, to whoever is filling the Karl Rove role in McCain’s campaign I also have to say “Well Done”. Prior to this the campaign seemed floundering to me, but in the last month or so the ads have been spot on and quick in response, and the strategery has been absolutely brilliant.

I’m really surprised that I’m doing this, because I didn’t think there was anything that he could do to cause this, but a donation to the RNC is going out today.