Interesting PA poll this week

This came out Monday, but I didn’t notice it until today, and a quick search didn’t find anyone else covering it. The Pocono Record went to the NASCAR race there last weekend and asked 206 race attendees about their voting plans. The breakdown of the results were as follows:

John McCain: 70

Barack Obama: 54

Undecided: 50

Not going to vote: 32

In percentage terms, of the people who say they’re going to vote that breaks down to:

McCain: 40%

Obama: 31%

Undecided: 29%

Now of course this wasn’t a scientific survey, normalized and all that, but ff McCain wants to win this election, he’s going to have to do a ton better than that in the NASCAR demographic. The good news is that so many of the people are undecided. But this goes to show that, contrary to my first impressions, it wasn’t crazy for Obama to think about targeting them.