A Little Taste of Nairobi

This morning, I’m in Zurich on the way home from a few days in Nairobi (Kenya).

This was a rather interesting and serious visit, and I got to spend quite a bit of time talking with both business and government leaders about their longer-term development plans and aspirations. If there is interest (vote in comments 🙂 ), I can try to put together a more serious post later in the week (once I get home and get everything settled back down).

But for your Sunday morning relaxation, I’ll just present a few photos from Nairobi for some cultural upliftenment.

More below the fold….

Despite being at a latitude of 1.3 degrees south, Nairobi actually has a very nice climate. The city is at an elevation of 5400 feet – the Brits sure knew how to pick their spots for administrative centers.

East Africa is basically dry, so Kenya is mostly open grasslands. Thus, grazing is the main agricultural activity – and Kenya is heavenly on the BBQ count.

It’s also strange to see the contrast between persistent Third World squalor (such as cattle being driven along the median strip of a major highway) and a great deal of gleaming new construction.

But as I said above, we can leave the serious stuff for the workweek. Here are a few photos and comments.

Sunshine and flowers abound.

Meeting room name FAIL.

More flowers….

Is this sculpture racist?

Meeting room name WIN. (RS insider joke….)

More flowers….

Another flowering tree….

More flowers….

More flowers….

More flowers….

This is an interesting (and beautiful) flowering bush. It produces flowers in three colors (which you can see if you look closely) – white, lavender, and violet. From that the bush derives its poetic name of “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” The smell of the blossoms is heavenly.

More flowers….

More flowers….

This is an interesting feature of the mid-day sun at latitude 1.3S at this time of year….