"We’re In The Fast Lane to Polygamy"

Mark Steyn (no surprise) was one of the first to note where all of this is heading. Well, he (and the rest of us who have made the same argument) were…. right….

Five years ago, proponents of same-sex marriage went into full you-cannot-be-serious eye-rolling mode when naysayers warned that polygamy would be next. As I wrote in that Western Standard piece:

“Gay marriage, they assure us, is the merest amendment to traditional marriage, and once we’ve done that we’ll pull up the drawbridge.”

Well, a mere half-decade down the slippery slope and here we are, with the marrying kind of Bountiful, B.C., headed for the Supreme Court of Canada.

You can probably guess what body of “pre-existing” Canadian law the Bountiful folks have been citing as the case has worked its way up through the system….

As usual, an essay by Mark Steyn is a wide-ranging tour de force; you can find the whole thing here.