How "Leftist" Is The Obama Budget?

Earlier today, several of us participated in conference call with Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California.

Congressman McCarthy was just coming out of a meeting with fellow Republican (of Wisconsin) Paul Ryan, and he pointed out something remarkable about the “Obama” budget that is now slithering its way up for consideration by the beginning of April.

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Every year, the “progressive” (sic) caucus, led by Maxine Waters, has put out a budget proposal of its own, and brought it to the floor for a vote.

Last year, this budget proposal was soundly defeated – it garnered only 98 votes in favor, meaning that even two-thirds of Democrats voted against it.

Today, Congressman McCarthy pointed out that the Obama budget goes far beyond the Waters budget, having trillions more in outlays, spending, and deficits.

In other words, it’s even further left than last year’s “progressive” budget.

Ponder that….