Celebrating Schubert's Birthday

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Mozart’s birthday.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Franz Peter Schubert, who was born on this date in 1797.

Schubert never had the (relative) immediate success that Mozart enjoyed in Vienna; instead, he eked out a living in a Bohemian lifestyle in the city.

Little-recognized during his own lifetime, he died in 1828 at the tragically-young age of 31.

It was only after his death that Schubert’s music received the recognition that it deserves – and that recognition continues to this day, as he is now acknowledged as one of the greats. Often best known for his extensive song (“lieder”) output, he also wrote a significant amount of chamber and orchestral music.

I’ve always been impressed with the cleanliness of Schubert’s music; this really shines through in his symphonies, which culminated in the sparkling 9th.

Symphony No. 9 in C Major – Finale

(In two parts)

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