The Kremlin Keeps Up The Pressureski

Since this has been one of my portfolio issues, I’ll keep following it.

The Kremlin continues to push its agenda and insist that the soon-to-be-President bend to their will:

Russia on Monday called on incoming U.S. President Barack Obama to end Washington’s “anti-Russian” policy of granting swift NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia.

Once again, the Kremlin’s view of Mr. Obama is being made abundantly clear – they view him as weak and easily “persuaded.”

Our incoming President has to wake up soon and realize the bind into which he’s put himself by trying to be “popular” all over the place. Bad actors (like the Kremlin) see him as a waif they can push around, while self-anointed-aristocratic organizations (like the EU and the UN) see him as – finally – the installation of a puppet regime in the White House.

Something has to break – drastically – on that self-induced conundrum – and soon.