Wanted - A Republican Senator With A Backbone

Yesterday, Jeff and yours-truly noted that the National Portrait Gallery had immediately and cravenly caved like the proverbial cheap tent due to a letter of protest sent to them by so-called Senator Bernie Sanders (I – Lunar Orbit).

“Senator” Sanders was upset that the caption under President Bush’s official portrait made reference to the 9-11 attacks and noted that they led to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. “Senator” Sanders objected to the words “led to” – apparently any notion that the events of 9-11 had anything at all to do with the eventual operation to oust Saddam Hussein must be expunged from history.

“Senator” Sanders has made a political career out of being “outraged” by this, that, and anything else that catches his eye – thus, his buffoonish protest on this issue was no surprise, and it should have been given a laugh-track and tossed into the waste basket.

However, within a day, the National Portrait Gallery directorship sent “Senator” Sanders a reply of capitulation so fawning that it makes Weyland Smithers look like John Rambo. I can’t even stomach looking at the text, but you can dig into Jeff’s post above to see it.

The NPG staff has always created the captions for these portraits, no Senator has ever before issued a protest, and no caption has ever been changed due to outside pressure.

Well, if the NPG would cave that easily to a boorish windbag like “Senator” Sanders, it seems that given a stiff counter-letter from a real Senator, they would quickly cave back.

Jeff got in touch with at least one staffer at Senator McConnell’s office, but made no headway – they apparently don’t think it’s worth pushing back. You’d think that they would by now have learned Giuliani’s rule for dealing with low-class boors – that if you let them get away with little stuff, they’ll soon return for more.

So, what we need is a Republican Senator with a backbone who is willing to fire off a counter-letter to the NPG about this outrageous meddling and rewriting of history. Surely there is someone who can have a staffer draft a suitable letter. Heck, **I** would be happy to draft the letter if need be.

This is an easy one to win – so let’s win it. It’s the right thing to do.

Who’s with me?