Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today – 10 January 2007 – your humble correspondent made his RedState debut with a lengthy essay entitled “Is Iraq This War’s Guadalcanal? (The Consequences of Victory).”

I’m pointing this out – and putting this on the front page – not out of ego.

I’m doing this because it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come, and what a great victory has been achieved.

I won’t quote the piece itself; it’s Saturday, and everyone is free to link back to the archive and read it.

I’ll just note how obvious it all seems now, two years on – while two years ago, such a clarion call seemed absurd and out of place.

The basic notion then was that it was all over, we had lost, and it was merely a question of how best to manage defeat – and how to minimize the consequences.

For some of us, that was just unacceptable. As had the Japanese in 1942 – 1943 with Guadalcanal, the enemy had clearly over-committed to something that offered them little gain but the potential for great catastrophe. All we had to do was seize the chance, focus on winning, and develop a strategy for doing just that – achieving victory.

Well, it has been done.

So make a second coffee, relax, read the whole archival piece – and rejoice.