Re: Veering Sharply


This may sound like a REALLY stupid question…. but….

Can anyone confirm if they actually possessed any bullets?

Several years back, I was in Cairo (Egypt – not Illinois) on business, and there were armed guards EVERYWHERE. There were even armed guards at the doorway to the office building where the people I was working with were located. We were leaving the building one day and as we were driving away I commented to my Egyptian colleagues that the security even at their office building was tight.

They laughed, and said that it was all for show – that if there were any real trouble, those guys would run and hide. That was because they were carrying firearms, but they weren’t allowed to carry bullets. It was about giving an impression of security.

It just might have been the same thing in Mumbai. Having all these guys around with guns makes people feel secure, but they may not have been allowed to have bullets. They may never have fired a gun in their entire lives – which was the case in Cairo.