Weird Season Continues - Hillary for SecState?

I drew the short straw over at the virtual bar, and so it falls to me to report to the readership that the rumor mill (via Hot Air and the UK Guardian) says that Senator Hillary Clinton has been offered the post of SecState.

Or not. The update says that she’s being considered but the financial vetting goes on. Who knows.

Well, since I got stuck with this assignment, you’ll have to suffer with some attendant personal opinion.

Methinks she wants this one – and might even have lobbied for it. Face reality, she was never really interested in being a Senator from New York. That was just local test-marketing before taking the product national. But with the Presidency route likely foreclosed (between an incumbent likely to have the 2012 slot and the further shifting-around of electoral votes after the 2010 census), she probably wants out in the nicest possible way. This would do it.

Let’s see how the Rooskies react when morning dawns over there shortly….