"EU-Russia Summit Calls For Halt Of U.S. Missile Defense Program"

Well, the “fun” continues:

[EU-Russia Summit Calls For Halt Of U.S. Missile Defense Program](http://www.quote.com/news/story.action?id=RTT811141248002181)

The Russians are clearly energized and pushy – due to the recent election of the Veal-Calf-in-Chief. And they’ve clearly got the weak old-Europe countries on the run.

This is nightmare scenario that’s been around for some time – and one that I got earfuls about when I was in eastern Europe last month. The western (old) EU countries feel free to regard the eastern (new) EU countries as bargaining chips – chips that can be traded to Russia for, um, “considerations”….

This was also the scenario back in May, when the old Axis of Weasels got back together to block the offering of NATO Membership Action Plans (MAPs) to both Ukraine and Georgia. That was a defensive win for Russia, which they turned into an offensive win (of sorts) in August.

Now they sense the Veal Calf weakness and are pushing ahead….