More Russian Rumblings - "The American Gorbachev" (Updated with link)

MOSCOW (AFP) – Barack Obama is the “American Gorbachev” who will ultimately destroy the US, Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky said Tuesday. Credited in the West for leading the former Soviet Union away from Cold War confrontation, Mikhail Gorbachev, now 77, is vilified by many at home for presiding over the collapse of the Soviet Union and ushering in harsh economic reforms. “Obama, he is the American Gorbachev, he will destroy America, it will not be rebuilt,” Zhirinovsky said at a meeting of the ultra-nationalist party he founded, according to Russian news agency Interfax. Zhirinovsky, a 62-year old populist, was one…

Zhirinovsky is a fruitcake who has never had much of a following. But there has been a strain of thought floating around (in more places than just Iran) that the Union is doomed to fly apart soon….

Update: Here’s a link to the entire piece.