Actually, Alex.... Russian Communists Endorse Palin/Jindal 2012!!

Actually, Alex, there’s a money-quote in there that we can literally take to the bank:

All Republican presidents have always defended national interests….

Bank that quote for further use, as Russia becomes a major nuisance next year.

If that’s what Russian communists think of Republican Presidents and non-think of Democratic Presidents, then I say, “Roll on progress.”

Memo to the donks: All those “foreigners” (particularly in Europe) who you think love you so much? They don’t love you for who you are. They just see you as a convenient vehicle to install an EU puppet regime (or a UN puppet regime, or whatever) into the White House and other branches.

In reality, they “love” you about as much (and for about the same reasons) as that lap dancer “loved” you last Saturday night….