Postcard from Tallinn

Well, if Moe and NightTwister can do this, so can I – except that I get paid to make trips like this. 🙂

Pikk Herrmann, the tallest tower in the old citadel – with the Estonian flag flying proudly in the wind.

The narrow, winding, cobblestoned streets of Toompea, the Old Town.

This one is difficult. In 1940, when the Soviets moved into Estonia, they rounded up all the former prime ministers and the members of the government. Many were shot outright, while others were bundled off to certain death in Siberia. This simple memorial serves as a reminder.

A view of the lower old town from the upper old town.

The magnificent Alexander Nevsky (Russian Orthodox) Cathedral.

The facade and main entrance of the Riigokogu building, which is the seat of the Estonian government and which contains the meeting chamber for Parliament (the Riigikogu).

A quiet evening in Freedom Square, in the lower old town.